The Association of Albanian Crystallographers (AAC) is a non-profit, scientific organization for scientists who study the structure of matter via crystallographic methodologies. The AAC brings together physicists, chemists, and biologists that use crystals and crystallography in their research or support the interest of several scientific groups dealing with specific aspects of crystallography, including mono crystal and powder diffraction, fiber diffraction and neuron scattering.  Today, its main goals are to promote dissemination of knowledge and exchange between Albanian speaking crystallographers from all fields, and in particular to organize or support specialized or interdisciplinary workshops and conferences, educational actions and training courses in the area of crystallography.  Thus, the AAC is accepted as full member of IUCr on the 24-th Conference of IUCr (August 2017 – Hyderabad, India) and the membership of AAC in IUCr is as Albania and Kosovo together.

The Chair of Association is Mr. Dritan Siliqi. For coordinating the activities in Albania, the Co-chairmen is Mr. Bujar Dida and for Kosovo is the Co-chairmen Mr. Avni Berisha.

The National Committee is created and is functioning until the statute and the new elections are held. Below is the structure of the National Committee.

National Committee
D. Siliqi (Chair)
B. Dida
A. Berishaj
A. Hasimi
A. Mele
A. Sinoimeri
A. Memo
A. Korpa
B. Berisha
D. Karaj
E. Hoxha
E. Goga Beqiraj
F. Sahiti
K. Xhaxhiu
S. Abazi
Xh. Komanova

Secretary of National Committee
D. KARAJ,  Faculty of Mathematical Engineering and Physical Engineering – PUT, Rr. “Muhamet Gjollesha”, No.6 , Tirana, Albania