XRD Workshop Tirana 2020

X-ray Scattering and Diffraction Techniques for Materials Characterization

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Venue:  IVODENT ACADEMY, Rr. Prokop Myzeqari nr 10, Tirana, Albania
Date10 – 11 March 2020
Fee: Students 2,000 ALL, Non-Students 4,000 ALL
AAC Members discount 50%

Scientifique Organization
Institute of Crystallography – CNR, Bari, Italy
IVODENT Academy, Tirana, Albania Association of Albanian Crystallographers (AAC) , Tirana, Albania

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Bujar Dida (President of AAC) & Dr. Altin Mele (Center of Technique Studies, Ivodent Academy)

The Institute of Crystallography is part of the italian research organisation Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerce (CNR). It develops innovative crystallographic methods, applicable to inorganic and biological materials; it studies the structure-activity-function relationships of inorganic, organic, bioinorganic, protein molecules of industrial and bio-pharmaceutical interest, it characterizes materials of technological interest as nano-crystals and quasi-crystals, it develops the instrumental research by introducing innovative scientific instrumentation in the international market. The IC Units are in Bari, Montelibretti, Trieste, Catania and Como.

Invited Lectures : Dr. Dritan Siliqi & Dr. Nicola Corriero

Fill out the form below if you wish to participate in the workshop. Please note that the number of participants is very limited and members of AAC have priority of admission.

    For further information about the workshop or registration, please contact Dr. Mele on altin.mele@ivodent.edu.al